My Mission

Patrick Pronovost provides great creative works in all media and has a variety of skills working with technology. He is a striving visual artist and writer and enjoys musical endeavours and looks forward to directing a project of his own inspired interests

As I step forward in time I see myself surrounded by a team of professionals, Our collective will strive to better this world for all living things, with music, video, games, written work and documentary's, the message will be clear, a revolution in function and purpose for those who will follow us and promotions to those worthy



Am I a sinner or a saint? Emo, Goth, Prep, Jock, Nerd, Philosopher, Artist, Lover, Hater, Spiritualist, Evangelical, and Believes or disbelieves, I Think I am an entity that incorporates every aspect of these ideas

Logos for self? I do not deny being any of these classifications...

But I know for sure I am a vivid dreamer and know I can recall all I am

Knowledge and Skills

Computers and Electronic, Repairs and Devices

Website Creation hosting


Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Audio Mixing Equipment, Recording

Computer Codeing Html, Css, GD Script

Game Design Level Desgin Character game Concepts

Spatual, Charcoal Sketching

Pen, Ink, all Paints


Affinity, Photoshop

Video, media

Audacity, Fruitly Loops

Godot, Blender

All Texted Based Editors

cPanel & phpMyAdmin

Personal Classification





Sci-Fi Enthusiast

Anime and Digital, handmade Movie buff

Enjoying Metal, Tech, Rock, Indie and Future Classical

Rely Strongly on Inteligence of Self, and being Different

Work Experience

Creative Designer since ~ 1995-Present

Writer since ~ 2006-Present

Books, Not a Single Like, Proxyzoids, ProxyzComic, PatPro's Autbio

Freelance Web Designer/Developer ~ 2007-Present

Self employed Artist ~ 2002-Present

Musician currently working on album ~ -Present

ProxyZoids Video game development is in progress ~ -Present

Patrick's mission's statement

The omnipresent creatures, where do they come from, how do their bodies exist in all parallel times?

Future, past and ever sometimes present... where are we and they now? How can I conjure them towards me? These entities I seek friendship and happiness.

All the while living in a crude construct of my own criminal mind, was it a choice of mine?

A memory and part of a reality of remembering...

All the while pondering, I knew I was part of the loop of time, wherein time created has no past future or present, these were made by mans ideals to figure out our own energy cycle.

As we make sense of our world, we become sentient creatures with senses lacking the godly omnipotent powers towards other senses toward the unnamed feeling...

Reaching into the inner voices

When we limit our intake of data for a couple of weeks, months to years we will strive to see greater things, to become one with the life essences to also find yourself one with the universe.

However noisy or quiet you become, that this dream is completely part of every other molecule that exist in this dimension... Think of your brain as a hard drive with a visual processor that works out.

When you let it rest more it will want to be more active compared to just sitting in front of a television listening and seeing without this data input you will create your own spiritual quest of dream vivid to a life worth being contempt in...

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