Selling Calendars

It is known that I’m a great artist and I want to share that with you so here is 13 images by me from this piece of absolute amazing digital photography just for you, please inquire about this in my email, an I’m currently delivering only in Canada.

more info below

Calendars are going on sale for 20$ and some mouse pads for 20, including my 20 dollar prints… please come by…

Inquire at Proxyzoids@gmail.com

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Proxyzoid Progress

Here is a ((BETA)) not final at all picture!! The Future is in the hands of evolution!!! I will have Patreon support soon and videos on my progress I hope I can build a community here from the ground up to space!!! I’m looking for any support whatsoever… enjoy


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Site Launch

As I work and progress I’m also creating art every night playing guitar and eating healthy, i missed my gym but i worked on my brain instead.

I have great pictures that I took from the museum of science in Ottawa, I will be using some of this  refreshed material in my book  Proxyzoids !!! cant wait to share it with the world…

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A preview

The soul sphere aka moon satellite base traveled millions of light years… The creators of this device were called the over minds.
They were the seeders of life on Earth and they caused the destruction of the dinosaur race they also selected the highest collective Intellect from the most superior dinosaur DNA…
They then merged within 3 existences bodies of proxys they are the Ancient reptiles… of earth…where erected and stored...

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Getting ready all store and steady, I seek the residence to begot the compliance, does my stuff intimidate you, that I had but everything else left to do.. This here is a basement dungeon of my soul perplexed and old like gold and diamond of strength behold!!!logo2015blue



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Commence the Digitization

As I awake in a veins grace, full bloodied and pricked the venom flows into my body, and flushes my face, did they mean to amplify my sorrow or subdue? My mind is true without waste, my demigod type in the speed of my hype, lasted and contested my virtue is now true.. I feel like I’ve done something new… This here is my Love and Lost soul, how ever will I find her? In the collapsed,  trillion shards of eternity? My Blood grows into he everlasting sea, till meteorites smite thee into spacial abnormality…


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