All these works are done by me

Freestyling like a mad man with no rehearsed lyrics, this is a pure inoculation of sound and matter in words.

Providing Musical Reverberations

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PatPro BlackMetal

List of OLD 2014 Freetsyle's

Done At the Royal Hospital while being heavily medicated by psychiatrists

Radio Souls

Bitch confined

Bust a rhyme

Dog god bitch

Frequency controller

Golden goddess warp into overmind

Her spurs

Tune In


Radio Souls, an echoing diriviative of my being

Bitch confined, the torment of being alone in a space when I may only love by myself and It's side

Bust a rhyme, my randition of a rap battle gone wrong

Dog god bitch, the need for human or entitys contact

Freequency controller, the subject is the supernatural computer of time and space

Golden goddess warp into overmind, representing the gods informant over_mind

Her spurs, sing for her and the sound will come

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chapter one the democanputer


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Perpetual Star Controversy. Our Soul is the proprietor in a pLANet. Personal net LAN E.T. matrix, and so his radio echo's infinite and defined as the true ultimate force, he lets us choose partiality our destiny; It lets us fail and succeed with no definitive cause into his own, unless you are his chosen, which would be a messiah like! Let this know in Time and time again forever, the tremendous Recycle your cycle of life.