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My Mission

Patrick Pronovost provides great creative works in all media and has a variety of skills working with technology. He is a striving visual artist and writer and enjoys musical endeavours and looks forward to directing a project of his own inspired interests

PatProEvolution PatProEvolution

As I step forward in time I see myself surrounded by a team of professionals, Our collective will strive to better this world for all living things, with music, video, games, written work and documentary's, the message will be clear, a revolution in function and purpose for those who will follow us and promotions to those worthy

Am I a sinner or a saint? Emo, Goth, Prep, Jock, Nerd, Philosopher, Artist, Lover, Hater, Spiritualist, Evangelical, and Believes or disbelieves, I Think I am an entity that incorporates every aspect of these ideas

Logos for self? I do not deny being any of these classifications...

But I know for sure I am a vivid dreamer and now I can recall all I am..

ADD VIDEO LINK TO YOUTUBE TITLE DESCRIPTION There will be a big upcoming video demo on supernatural and spiritual concepts of the Nocturnal dream mate

For more info, check out my YouTube channel @ PatPro ProXYZoid

Work Experience

Creative Designer since ~ 1995-Present

Writer since ~ 2006-Present

Books, Not a Single Like, Proxyzoids, ProxyzComic, PatPro's Autbio

Freelance Web Designer/Developer ~ 2007-Present

Self-employed Artist ~ 2002-Present

Musician working on album ~ -Present

ProxyZoids Video game development is in progress ~ -Present

patpro media, business and proposed focus on terms of content

Executive Summary

patpro media is a business based in Ottawa owned and operated by Patrick Pronovost. Patrick is a versatile artist, he draws, sketches, paints and writes stories for comic books, and he is also an accomplished photographer, Digital designer.

patpro media will offer Patrick’s visual art such as original canvases, digital prints, calendars, posters, and custom work. Patrick is working on a comic novel, many books and a magazine called TechnoPath, as he keeps writing and illustrating. He plans to offer novels as a paperback.

Patrick also uses digital technologies to enhance or give character to some of his art. Patrick’s unique artistic style will resonate with people that appreciate abstract, surreal art works. Readers of anime style comic books will enjoy his novels.

Advertisement online and through social media. Patrick will also distributes his business cards at local shows.

Marketing is an ongoing endeavour and only the calendars, prints, books and we promote commission work...

Patrick has created a website some of his art and prints, books are available for purchase online.

History Patrick

Has wanted to be an entrepreneur since he was a teen. He is a passionate artist and starting a business selling his own art came to him when he joined the group in the Wind Arts Collective. There he saw other artists selling and promoting their art as a part of a formal business. It was then that he started patpro media.

Owner Profile

Patrick has always had a love for the arts, as a child, they congratulated him for making great art. He has painted murals, carved snow sculptures and had top marks in art class. Patrick doesn’t have previous business experience, but he is gaining skills. He continues to take part in art classes, photography groups and art sales. It has always attracted Patrick to abstract and surreal, influenced by anime and enjoys doing technical drawings like buildings, machines, and industrial, tribal designs with digital computer modifiers programs...

He started doing photography with a group at the Royal; He enjoys composing shots, editing them on the computer with affinity photo software.

He has created posters using all different skills, photography, drawing and editing. Posters are available for sale online.

Vision and Mission

We will know patpro media for the original designs and style of its owner. We will know him as the provider of an original complex and viral ideologies as expressed in his art and writing, most of which is surreal and technical. Patrick’s mission is to continue enjoying creating art while sharing that happiness with his audiences and by doing so, achieving financial independence.


patpro media is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Patrick Pronovost. Patrick is planning on hiring soon to produce his video game.


patpro media is in the creative designs, photography, prints, and book writing and illustrating. Patrick also uses digital technologies to enhance or give character to some of his art. New digital technologies have a sustained and dramatic impact on artistic creation, production, and dissemination. Artists are making creative and innovative use of new digital technologies in all disciplines, including live performing arts, visual arts, crafts, and the media arts. As digital media has become increasingly integrated into the work of artists and arts organizations in the past decade, digital distribution is increasingly taking their work to new global audiences.

Target Market

Patrick’s unique artistic style will resonate with people that appreciate abstract, surreal art works. Readers of anime style comic books will enjoy his novels. Target Market patpro media art work will appeal to some kids, teens, adults, techies, nerds, goths, sci-fi enthusiasts and people who enjoy space related art. The Surrealist movement is key to content the masses who enjoy this style...

Positioning Statement

patpro media will offer unique original art combining photography with computer created images and comic book novels. Patrick seeks to express himself through his art while providing enjoyment to the viewer.

Patrick’s open minded statement

The omnipresent creatures, where do they come from, how do their bodies exist in all parallel times?

Future, past and ever sometimes present... where are we and they now? How can I conjure them towards me? These entities I seek friendship and happiness.

All the while living in a crude construct of my criminal mind, was it a choice of mine?

A memory and part of a reality of remembering...

All the while pondering, I knew I was part of the loop of time, wherein time created has no past future or present, these are mans ideals to figure out our own energy cycle.

As we make sense of our world, we become sentient creatures with senses lacking the godly omnipotent powers towards other senses toward the unnamed feeling...

Reaching into the inner voices

When we limit our intake of data for two weeks, months two years we will strive to see greater things, to become one with the life essences to find yourself one with the universe.

However noisy or quiet you become, that this dream is part of every other molecule that exist in this dimension... Think of your brain as a hard drive with a visual processor that works out.

When you let it rest more, it will want to activate compared to just sitting in front of a television listening and seeing without this data input you will create your own spiritual quest of dream vivid to a life worth being contempt in...

Patrick Pronovost creator of ProxyZoids and Entirety of this website

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