Summary of the Book of the Kybalion

Deciphered by PatPro taught by Morgue

Hermetics the legend from ancient Egypt, master of wisdom.

alchemy and astrology

not in literal terms. What makes us great masters of reality.

Hyperionism = Geist = mind spirit soul, study of the 1.1-above.

Seven principles

source formula all is 0 equal but varying waves

Logically mathematically

1 Mentalism

The all is mind beyond material, but apparent universe is mental.

apply laws of the universe of his master key, truth of matter and mastery.

mental waves are the root of all 0 = Matter perceived? = all.

I am a Monad, a point in a circle of waves = 0, the all mind circles upon circles a collective frequency.

2 Correspondence

Known to the unknown study of the arch angel = highly evolved mind.

What is below is 1.1-above and vice versa, physical and mental principles, made of each other the same.

3 Vibration

= Frequency of all mater energy mind = all is pure high mind = group of circles vibration, on spiritual planes equals all minds and natural phenomena in motion high and low constants.

4 Polarity

Duality of pairs and opposites in paradoxes that are reconciled from all parts of the Monads truth and half-truths light and dark, noise and quite, positive and negative, of its opposite poles varied in nature and Geist, heat and cold opposite are the same but in varying in different degrees like or dislike , love to hate, good and evil are poles of the same thing and its mastery is a focus.

Thesis antithesis synthesis

5 Manifest

Birth and collapse of the universe in cycles

Mental law of neutralization, to escape itself upon its degree to use it other than being used by it

Self-mastery control of will and polarity.

-To understand the world, shape the world in a mastery of principles of existence and being Hyperion's

-what you are why you are where you are to change the universe

6 Cause and effect

No more chance, believe in your cause and have the effect you desire to control your plane of existence, a wavelength according to this law of rational mathematics, in a principle of sufficient reason.

-Hyperion's become causers instead of effects

-Become masters to dominate their environment to play the game of life instead of being played

-Reason and unity

7 Gender

Gender manifested in everything positive and negative ions in sexes of creation of these principles laws of regeneration and creation of polarity of opposites and varying degrees.

-Lust embodies the embrace of the whole of principles of self

-ever bit can hold the whole of male and female in its womb it takes two, positive and negative to make whole in an equation, emotional and logical fluctuations in either Gender and polarity opposites right and left hemispheres of the brain and non-binary

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