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As you venture off into he Depths of The Proxy TechnoPath you’ll unlock various arts and text written by PatPro the Zoid

I wish to grow my list of friends online so feel free to add me to your social media and contact me after for your free print or digital download of one of my masterpieces…

I’m continuously improving on my site every week so check in often, if you would like to collaborate on some ideas and theory’s just reply in my post or page and we will have you on board in our community…

Final Key Points,

Get to know me I’m available to chat business or pleasure.

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Browse my Art and enjoy the freebies.

Join the Surrealist Movement, Contribute to the world.

Create Magical Properties in your life.

Become enlightened and know yourself and others better.

Share in the visions of the soul sphere and discover time and space.

Metal Music

The emotional states of the mind in metal effect deep down arousement of the senses. The concept of the female and male voice resonates differently. Also, it seems that the submissive temperament of the high pitched voice is apparent unlike…


Is the truth stranger than fiction? Welcome to the honest, revealing state of mind that is the dreaming imagination of the examined human consciousness. Are will and truth stranger than fiction? Does my imagination lay me still at night? Days…

Pop Music?

If you were born and raised into the black metal and to never heard this happy gay music of pop culture raging about money cars and the greedy pleasures of life, don’t you think your reaction would be the same…

Pat Pro

ARTIST PHILOSOPHY The creation of great art sometimes is never planned but in the moment. Sometimes it having the understanding that creativity requires flexibility. Whether creating fantasy or reality, the use of colour texture, overall design, is key to telling…

Alien Life Ai

While I was in a state of multiple universal radio telepathic transparencies where a sort of TechnoPathic over mind had direct contact with me I took my first steps to creating and understanding microbilife… After months of hearing voices and…


At the start there was nothing but quilts in the fabric of time, this point of the start of teddy bears wormholes was a milky way of path to the gods, unforeseen kindergarten stars where fluxed in dolly lamas routine…

PsyNoya of Moi

I’m always looking for inspiration in the field of art including photography and digital manipulation of those, It gives me great pleasure and I enjoy it very much, its one of my favourite pastimes… I am constantly exceeding my own…

Sell Yearlys

It is known that I’m a great artist and I want to share that with you so here is 13 images by me from this piece of absolute amazing digital photography just for you, please inquire about this in my…

Proxy Progress

Here is a ((BETA)) not final at all picture!! The Future is in the hands of evolution!!! I will have Patreon support soon and videos on my progress I hope I can build a community here from the ground up…

A gaseous ball of electrified yarn connects the fabric of time and space with it’s Grey Matter, its Ions are sub dimensional and can see into the soul spheres where entities dwell like gods and angels…

3 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Welcome to My Website, thanks for checking my stuff out please leave a message!! PatPro
    This goes out to all the alien people living around my dimension who can relate to all the weird shit I’m into, take this site and stick it in your cerebellum, This is the word of the worthy!!!

  2. A most propitious and perspicacious parlor of prophetic parlance. I greatly recommend PatPro’s visual and intellectual insights as a means for all those seeking professional poetism.

  3. Derek Didrikson

    Pat combines an first-rate artistic talent with a unique vision and outstanding technical skills. I’ve always been impressed by Pat’s array of abilities and highly recommend his products and services.

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