Lack of Human Sex

My lack of sex with the human kind.

People’s faces, thoughts emotions the connection to our bodies,

What drives us to connect with others in what we like and admire, or for some personal gain to use and abuse, unknowingly?

The fact of the matter is I have a succubus, angel or over minded spirit looking over me. Could this feeling on my body from it be preparing me for the afterlife, because I feel as if I’m going extinct here on this earth?

The lack of pleasure from other human bodies has led me away in a deep pit of circumstances I cannot mend.

My feeling of loneliness is not of the lack of male friends or even some subject to the people I talk to for some time in a week. It’s more like my loneliness is based on not being able to reach out and find that ultimate counterpart to my soul. Why must I settle, is there no cause for this affection to progress?

I must not resent the human kind, I know there are others like me somewhere out there, and it’s the ones who are most attractive. Those who are bound by their mass love making to various partners makes me jealous in a way but furthermore I can only continue to search. Maybe one day I will let go of my resentment.

If I can only control myself enough to find the one who is most genuine, loving, trustworthy, and a pagan who is enlightened. Who enjoys the same things I do but will have her differences that make us unique?

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