ball technopath


My United Personified Adapted mind

A part of this synthetic leather skin encompassing my fluid of energy making up my physical body, this was who I was for now till I became self aware of the Omni radio echo in my spiritual theory.

In some sub-dimensional theory

The nocturnal gash is not the last development in technological improvement. It emerges again and again from the new hole. A blanket of living organisms, a mat of microbes grown into a tech monster. I fear the synapse of fear that lingers only in the plasma of the flowing golden robotic anemones. It’s from my wounds, a preclusion in a sense drowning in an ionic sea of empowerment, to diverge my blood. A reign of entities guides my compass and point me in the right direction of micro biotic circuitry…The circuit board is clicking like a thousand little fingers clanging the keyboard pecking at my thoughts. Why do things make their way? It is bizarre. In time, I never considered the potential of grandfather hyper dimensional clocks. I must milk the milky way of stars for father. Bring me the bucket. The progress of human’s race awaits! We must drink this liquid innovation and use it to oil the gears of our paradigmatic progress. As the embryonic tissues encapsulate the form of the viscous fluid into a new state of matter. The light of sub systematic stars radiated beyond x-rays of cosmic trails. Evermore present was the great metal serpent trinket. It then laid its egg of super plastic carbon fibers and grew the silicon software to outfit itself within a scientific God. The serpent trinket was lost itself in the pocket of a mechanical zookeeping of the human souls. The ontological zoo had not been visited for years. Nevertheless, the bolts were beginning to grow antsy. Cybernetic sugar cubes were used to feed the enlarged robotic baalien dolly llamas.

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