Pop Metal

If you were Born and raised into the black metal and to never heard this happy gay music of pop culture raging about money cars and the greedy pleasures of life, don’t you think your reaction would be the same as someone who has never heard of the dark mystery that is metal? Yes some of these bands suck and so does most pop music repeating their nonsense so if you really think about it, come to experience and appreciate new and exciting things cause there’s a whole universe out there to experiment and you might just grow to like it even if it’s not the norm to pop culture…

Concluding of the religious and is Satanism a rejection of norms? For not a foggiest of nohow from a Christian pop religion to announce the devil to say that he’s evil, and the label is now formed, now subjugated because a preacher set pop norm standards as it couldn’t be further from the truth in fact I think Satan and anti-Christ standards are a rejection of the conformity of religions that push their one way views on society. To do otherwise is to embrace intelligence and power of self other than bound blind love and prayer and practice towards false claims and texts that are supposed to worship one man or ideology? To what certainty does this God provide? They only have answers gone array! Are we to sacrifice ourselves like Christ to fully see the picture?, This is man made book somewhat perceived as perfect but the cause of the claim it was written by God… Is Questionable… Does God own a pen?

Does God channel itself?

If it’s not in your head and man made it >_< it’s a book and it’s not God! If its a true Godly endeavour then it will put truth in you, then these books need not teach us anything concrete and set in stone, it made us in its image so what I believe is my choice and God’s together in the over-minded soul sphere, these will have their effects on us if we are praying within the spells of time…

The power of will and choice.

Also atheists. The unfortunate and Psychic witches, tormented daemonic nurtured minds and goths don’t forget every other sexual orientation and those suits also believe in their own shit… Over-Minded or blind to this light ultimatum.

We will never stupefy

At the level of having some idiot tell us how to live or lives is enslaving, therefore we need to gain power in this world to do or our same amount of good with this no label attitude… that’s intelligence, to be all you can be without one clear definition, and that’s not just smart! book smart or school smart? it’s true love of self and we need more of it if we all loved our-self we would want to live longer and the world would be a better place…

Love in the struggle

Truth and depression and lack of love this is the single star point of the song signing in some of these new age non-repetitive gender of songs…

So take aim and believe in this chapter and embrace the dark side, yin and yang dark and light maybe become melodic and toned with your ears… Listen carefully to the words and let not the tone or single phrase hit you, let the complete story be the message…

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