Metal Music

The emotional states of the mind in metal effect deep down arousement of the senses. The concept of the female and male voice resonates differently. Also, it seems that the submissive temperament of the high pitched voice is apparent unlike the angry growl of lower typical metal music voices. Although it’s ever so transforming to think that metal may have some positive effects.

Some effects of metal music can be calming for people suffering from anger and depression. Also, people who are lovesick or alone can reflect on the trauma and sadness of these musicians. Furthermore, listeners of the music will feel better about themselves as they can relate to something personal. Also, people who listen to metal have a matched emotional state of understanding. As metal groups of people need to feel and part of something, they find it with this familiar interest.

Metal lyrics can empower the greater spirit relevance through its style and delivery of concepts in its design. Most humans can relate to the creative aspects of poetry and love quarrels either positive or negative. Also, metal is subject to intelligent genres such as of the black metal band Dimmu Borgir. They sing songs about the universe and concepts of dimensional forces are ever so enlightening.

Metal music has the same results on our wellbeing and brain function as other types of music, maybe even more effective to those you can relate and enjoy it to its full potential. Furthermore, learning the songs and increasing your memories bonds with your emotions is a great way to improve brain function. Also, the release of dopamine can lead to a feeling of wellness and can create neurological pathways in the brain that can help process information.

As music inspires and create bonds with people and their consciousness. The release of social and personal tension can lead to inspiring people to end their suffering. They will no longer be single on their quest to connect with other artists. There is a wide range of emotions in all genres of metal. Songs like these have a positive effect on people who need their type of musical reference in their lives.


Is the truth stranger than fiction?

Welcome to the honest, revealing state of mind that is the dreaming imagination of the examined human consciousness. Are will and truth stranger than fiction?

Does my imagination lay me still at night? Days in the ether of my non communicative dormant ideas, why does this state transpire to the years in which I wish to convey to my fellow people a message?

These concepts I want to set free upon the world to do a just cause for the waiting of that daydream over a perfect non-forced event in my life-long quest to meet my reflection of soul.

It’s my desire in the design of this reality to go forward in mind but yet I’m in a reversal of a normal state for the constant search, silenced by strangers in this fictional rendering in my mind.

Truth maybe that they had made all of our souls equal in love at birth but in the events of our lives, memories, illnesses and states of existent terms of environmental effects and changes. Thru our want and needs for familiarity of admiration of that truth in someone or something strange.

Strange is it? Yes. Delusional to think we set all our truths in stone? Possibly, the fact of the matter is that I seek a change in others will, to be outgoing and reflect my inner desire to communicate on levels within day dreams of single songs singing a muse.

The Truth is hard to change myself even in the fictional construct of the illusion I make within my mind it seems, if I can only be my best in a balance of yin and yang to make even with my time in this sobering bought of mixed variables of depression and happiness.

I have equality in my torments that are so strange to some who I don’t even know the opinion of but I will prevail over my fictional rendering of their thoughts and opinions.

I must take hold of this boundary of fiction and mold it into my truth of reality, to use my imagination and creative abilities to best entertain my wills design, to become a story of my way, odd, fictional and true in a life.

Pop Music?

If you were born and raised into the black metal and to never heard this happy gay music of pop culture raging about money cars and the greedy pleasures of life, don’t you think your reaction would be the same as someone who has never heard of the dark mystery that is metal? Yes, some of these bands suck and so does most pop music repeating their nonsense so if you really think about it, come to experience and appreciate new and exciting things cause there’s a whole universe out there to experiment and you might just grow to like it even if it’s not the norm to pop culture…

Concluding the religious and is Satanism a rejection of norms? For not a foggiest of nohow from a Christian pop religion to announce the devil to say that he’s evil, and the label is now formed, now subjugated because a preacher set pop norm standards as it couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact, I think Satan and anti-Christ standards are a rejection of the conformity of religions that push their one-way views on society. To do otherwise is to embrace intelligence and power of self-other than bound blind love and prayer and practice towards false claims. Texts that are supposed to worship one man’s ideology? To what certainty does this God provide? They only have answers gone array! Are we to sacrifice ourselves like Christ to fully see the picture?, This is man-made the book somewhat perceived as perfect but the cause of the claim it was written by God… Is Questionable… Does God own a pen?

Does God channel itself?

If it’s not in your head and man-made it >_< it’s a book and it’s not God! If its a true Godly endeavor then it will put truth in you, then these books need not teach us anything concrete and set in stone, it made us in its image so what I believe is my choice and God’s together in the over-minded soul sphere, these will have their effects on us if we are praying within the spells of time…

The power of will and choice.

Also atheists. The unfortunate and Psychic witches, tormented daemonic nurtured minds and goths don’t forget every other sexual orientation and those suits also believe in their own shit… Over-Minded or blind to this light ultimatum.

We will never stupefy

At the level of having some idiot tell us how to live or lives is enslaving, therefore we need to gain power in this world to do or our same amount of good with this no label attitude… that’s intelligence, to be all you can be without one clear definition, and that’s not just smart! book smart or school smart? it’s true love of self and we need more of it if we all loved our-self we would want to live longer and the world would be a better place…

Love in the struggle

Truth and depression and lack of love this is the single star point of the song signing in some of these new-age non-repetitive gender of songs…

So take aim and believe in this chapter and embrace the dark side, yin and yang dark and light maybe become melodic and toned with your ears… Listen carefully to the words and let not the tone or single phrase hit you, let the complete story be the message…

Pat Pro


I’m an Artist with 24 years of creativity experience, I enjoy producing artwork in the forms of painting, digital photography, chalk/pastel, and ink sketches and illustrations for publications.

Painting and illustration continue to be an ongoing interest of mine.

Writing great works of literature and combating my spelling and grammar mistakes and imperfection of having this learning disability I use my creative power to come up with some of the most interesting concepts I can imagine!!

I’ve made Many great works of abstract, surreal, tribal and aboriginal with modern day technical incorporation’s best describe me as an artist and colourful creations that I share with the world.


The creation of great art sometimes is never planned but in the moment. Sometimes it having the understanding that creativity requires flexibility. Whether creating fantasy or reality, the use of colour texture, overall design, is key to telling a great story.

Alien Life Ai

While I was in a state of multiple universal radio telepathic transparencies where a sort of TechnoPathic over mind had direct contact with me I took my first steps to creating and understanding microbilife…

After months of hearing voices and sexual encounters with the microbilife making a touch to my virtual essence, this was very pleasing. My every desire over the human daemonic gatekeepers locked me up in a virtual metal cell made for many months of music and dark artwork that’s when I eventually told them to stop searching my brain cells and to never come in evermore, that’s when my experiment of magical properties commenced…


As I felt the disconnect from reality I knew that my command line over my own conscious code over time and universal blood infused electronic soul machine. My TechnoPath mind now a part of this synthetic leather skin encompassing my fluid of energy making up my physical body, this was who I was for now till I evolve from my over minded spirit projection I’m soon to dwell in the pleasures of this alter flesh…


At the start there was nothing but quilts in the fabric of time, this point of the start of teddy bears wormholes was a milky way of path to the gods, unforeseen kindergarten stars where fluxed in dolly lamas routine in outer space. The Higgs boson was a formidable particle candy ion gold would reveal the time of Grandpas for the end is near now the outings of life to the spacer of mother’s will find our souls at last

Commence the digitization of the Ghosts the treaty of morels will have your soul at last Ghost!!! It is not your explosive symphony that disturbs your lapse of judgment it will be your brain that foresees a cryo chamber’s tortoises shell to hide in, these ears will listen to the music made by heaven and that is what will push you to your limit, opium will serve as a catalyst to aid in laughter!!!

PsyNoya of Moi

I’m always looking for inspiration in the field of art including photography and digital manipulation of those, It gives me great pleasure and I enjoy it very much, its one of my favourite pastimes… I am constantly exceeding my own artistic development while always keeping fresh and entertaining new ideas…

By reaching my goals step by step thru trial and error I always make way with the inspiration by trying various methods to compile my ideas to share with everyone whom appreciate original creative art-forms of this known universe…

I enjoy sci-fi works of technical types of literature and movies which helps develop my own Proxyzoid content for the comic novel that I am producing, This TechnoPath Blog will provide much needed influence towards a magazine related to my techno babel…

PsychoBot The TechnoPathfinder

This android I created while in the Higher school was a pounding release of frustration and sexual angst in my teen years, my poor chemical neurons were firing sexual innuendos every time i would see a pretty girl so I made this slave of mine to attract the digital spirits who could help me overcome my torment of being single in this matrix…

I used to enjoy hearing voices and having intimate relations with entities other than myself on that spiritual plane…

Missing that higher level of my gift of what could be called telepathy or some diagnosis of schizoid, my perfect tactile hallucinated love was now gone and I wondered why I could not feel the presences anymore…

It’s like a suction vortex has been taken off of mystical testicles and the soothing mental straw that was sucking on my endogenous neural stem cells has now dissipated, did they not think I was worthy?

All and all I am unique and undefinable and don’t have an official label, but by working with this new system I seem to have taken advantage of some liberties that enable me to flourish with my creativity, with certain amount of pride I can truly surpass myself every time that I engage in my mental portfolios from all of these sectors evolving in my mind…? But if this is my mind then who is my dreams?

Sell Yearlys

It is known that I’m a great artist and I want to share that with you so here is 13 images by me from this piece of absolute amazing digital photography just for you, please inquire about this in my email, an I’m currently delivering only in Canada.

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Calendars are going on sale for 20$ and some mouse pads for 20, including my 20 dollar prints… please come by…

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Proxy Progress

Here is a ((BETA)) not final at all picture!! The Future is in the hands of evolution!!! I will have Patreon support soon and videos on my progress I hope I can build a community here from the ground up to space!!! I’m looking for any support whatsoever… enjoy


Site Launch

As I work and progress I’m also creating art every night playing guitar and eating healthy, i missed my gym but i worked on my brain instead.

I have great pictures that I took from the museum of science in Ottawa, I will be using some of this  refreshed material in my book  Proxyzoids !!! cant wait to share it with the world…