What is a Proxyzoid? Pro, Prophet of XYZ coordinates of zero O ID identity

Communications Between the Proxyzoids

Kilohertz diode frequency mod high output, 88 1984 Input 6732 kilowatts oscillator point 24 capacity enable force field shadows…

Cache system test vital bits of set micro controllers to 32 gigahertz at one point six hundred sixty sixmillion cores, crystal meter scope engage variable density of isolate radiation of matter block chains at nucleus 1,3,16,48 set sectors to point flux radicals at trans dimensional matter circuit clones…


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The Game Development

A gaseous ball of electrified yarn connects the the fabric of time and space with its Grey Matter, its Ions are sub dimensional and can see into the soul spheres where entity’s dwell like gods and angels…

proxyzoid the final conflict

The ProXYZoid

Absolute alpha control hub surrealist sci-fi


The genetic prophecy between mankind and Godly rulers of alien embryonic controlled so-called life, humans not laid to rest beneath the surface. Can only it attain so much pressure till it erupts with violent power in a volatile continuation of the fabric of time and space, matters and only if its antimatter can control itself.

As long as the years keep their Souls, I believe this tale entitled me to produce in such times forevermore…

I State the fact and declare a story here boggles my mind every time I read it…

So as far as I can tell this spell I dispel to cleanse and rearrange to remember that this in mind is a new age of historical SCI Fi Prophecies…

As far as the well was deep, as conceived as the echo of a drop from eternity. What’s in the thought of this soul? Bored and stress-fully depressed, bold to be told his story old and new. He who wondered would I ever do something different in this ProXYZoid delirium paradigm?

As it slipped into the void paranoid, the story thought to itself. As long as the alien synaptic equation of things continues to diminish my telescopic pressure, I will expand beyond the limit of my thoughts by themselves.