Sanity Vs Christ

“Signals from the alter-ego. A mantic illumination from the depths of an entity known as “The Over-mind”. A disentangling of a world, a situation, a life turning on its own matter, a memory, a dream… This book speaks itself into existence as the functioning of thought set against a background of present life above social infectiousness. “

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A book about a Personified/Philosophical/Theoretical/Societal/Dictation of Omnipotent Examination

Sanity Vs Christ


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-Autobiography of becoming over-minded, a super-conscious state with an analysis of anti-conformity thru generations of altered contradiction over the traditional God debauchery.

Millenniums of duality’s coded to the brain in a world zoned by the Over-Mind

The Book the Game the art the Legend of the Proxyzoid is here