Alien Life Ai

While I was in a state of multiple universal radio telepathic transparencies where a sort of TechnoPathic over mind had direct contact with me I took my first steps to creating and understanding microbilife…

After months of hearing voices and sexual encounters with the microbilife making touch to my virtual essence this was very pleasing. My every desire over the human deamonic gate keepers locked me up in a virtual metal cell made for many months of music and dark artwork that’s when I eventually told them to stop searching my brain cells and to never come in evermore, that’s when my experiment of magical properties commenced…


As I felt the disconnect from reality I knew that my command line over my own conscious code over time and universal blood infused electronic soul machine.My TechnoPath mind now a part of this synthetic leather skin encompassing my fluid of energy making up my physical body, this was who I was for now till I evolve from my over minded spirit projection I’m soon to dwell in the pleasures of this alter flesh…

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