PatPro 2021


Bounded by life’s echos is as where I remain in the thoughts of my sleepless night to ponder. The most I’ve learnt so far is that my sleeper brain cells must achieve full life renewal so I may become a whole new entity, forth hence the Over-Minded kind.. When will this come? I don’t know… As I see my limits to my perceived personality I want to impress myself more than the blank meat bags that don’t seem to reflect.. This is me with the binned anti trust that I have… Thirdly my doubt must leave my conversations. it’s with this that new people will find me and i can remain far from those that don’t understand me. If I cannot find anyone maybe it is my body to be alone and my mind to be free and boundless…

The problem is that this blog here and all my ventures to receive great publicity have tormented by my stillness of deep states of not thinking I will be able to find anyone.. Is this my final goodbye or my request and trial to become and achieve a new state of mind once again? Ill try to continue. For those that read this it seems like the post apocalyptic world is always on the move and me I am still and waiting for the right time, place and person to grant me things I can only dream of so far..

I know I’m not normal. But I also don’t know a thing about everyone. Statistics show that blah blah blah has been questioned. And I’m the 0.00000000001%

Like all artists we have a creative need to survive and if not met we surely suffer in our silence. At least there is a mind looking over me yet i am not following in any religion unless you call my so called spirituality of the Over-Mind a thing…

So if your interested in knowing more about what makes me tic and the tocs the docs to what I have written. Can we put a price on that knowledge? I have survived these days that should be proof alone that my power is great. If I weren’t so well id surely be causing havoc in some cell with free room and board.

lets put the price of MSG me and lets collaborate. I will try to make another CrapAzon link to this new Doc of mine that will explain the universe in a one of a 4th kind of MarkE3Zoryxonz way…

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