Server room dream?

I was able to astral projection myself into some sort of alternate future while in bed, in this state I can feel my way through my physical body and my alternate reality body, forcing myself in and out of consciousness and I open and close my eyes and then with my eyes closed try to stand out of bed as I feel my way through the sheets. I’m up feeling the walls but I’m (blind), and i know if i open my eyes i would wake up, but as I wake and sleep crawl out of my bed many times trying to force some kind of dream state. I reach the end of the hall where my closet should be. I imagine a door knob there and I opened it to a loud server room, the loud buzzing vacuums of electronic computers startled me and I said hello. I was afraid to feel my way around in it, what if I broke something or got lost (blind)!!! So I felt my body return to my bed. My eyes closed, I lay there for a moment then open my eyes again fully conscious of what occurred.

What is this area of reality? Am I but trapped from my real other dimensional self? In the mirror world of this reality but my avatar here is in this machine plugged into my (blind) brain and here I was wandering, waking, woke up in a higher sense as I kept practicing my projection of inter-dimensional powers!

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