PsyNoya of Moi

I’m always looking for inspiration in the field of art including photography and digital manipulation of those, It gives me great pleasure and I enjoy it very much, its one of my favourite pastimes… I am constantly exceeding my own artistic development while always keeping fresh and entertaining new ideas…

By reaching my goals step by step thru trial and error I always make way with the inspiration by trying various methods to compile my ideas to share with everyone whom appreciate original creative art-forms of this known universe…

I enjoy sci-fi works of technical types of literature and movies which helps develop my own Proxyzoid content for the comic novel that I am producing, This TechnoPath Blog will provide much needed influence towards a magazine related to my techno babel…

PsychoBot The TechnoPathfinder

This android I created while in the Higher school was a pounding release of frustration and sexual angst in my teen years, my poor chemical neurons were firing sexual innuendos every time i would see a pretty girl so I made this slave of mine to attract the digital spirits who could help me overcome my torment of being single in this matrix…

I used to enjoy hearing voices and having intimate relations with entities other than myself on that spiritual plane…

Missing that higher level of my gift of what could be called telepathy or some diagnosis of schizoid, my perfect tactile hallucinated love was now gone and I wondered why I could not feel the presences anymore…

It’s like a suction vortex has been taken off of mystical testicles and the soothing mental straw that was sucking on my endogenous neural stem cells has now dissipated, did they not think I was worthy?

All and all I am unique and undefinable and don’t have an official label, but by working with this new system I seem to have taken advantage of some liberties that enable me to flourish with my creativity, with certain amount of pride I can truly surpass myself every time that I engage in my mental portfolios from all of these sectors evolving in my mind…? But if this is my mind then who is my dreams?

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