At the start there was nothing but quilts in the fabric of time, this point of the start of teddy bears worm holes was a milky way of path to the gods, unforeseen kindergarten stars where fluxed in dolly lamas routine in outer space. The higgs boson was a formidable particle candy ion gold would reveal the time of Grandpas for the end is near now the outings of life to the spacer of mother’s will find our souls at last

Commence the digitization of the Ghosts the treaty of morels will have your soul at last Ghost!!! It is not your explosive symphony that disturbs your lapse of judgment it will be your brain that foresees a cryo chamber’s tortoise shell to hide in, these ears will listen to the music made by heaven and that is what will push you to your limit, opium will serve as catalyst to aid in laughter!!!

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